Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Speaking Engagements

Hope Christian Fellowhship International Church-Africa Kid's Mission is operated through and motivated by the Word of God and the faith of those within the mission, exists for the children of Uganda, Africa, who by no fault or short coming of their own, have been left homeless on streets wandering for food, fresh clothing, a shelter to stay, medical and dental care, hungry,begging, forgotten, suffering and forsaken by disease and famine. The mission in Africa, and the work being done to help the children in Uganda through the fire of the Holy Spirit.

By the stewardship of God's faithful and by His abiding presence and love, we will strive to bring relief in the form of a clinic facility and orphanage to house the most helpless, ill and needy children.

Speaking Engagements:

Please call or E-mail us if you are interested in
having us/ inviting us to speak at an event and help us to travel to do fundraising for this mission in Africa and Overseas. Please share on!!
(+256) 787-478-212
hopechristianfellowshipintl@gmail.com or www.hcfintl.blogspot.com

May the grace and peace of God, the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit be with us and the children of Uganda . Thank you to those who have given through donation and Prayer! We love you all!

Be a part of a Mission today!

Pastor Samuel Waswa

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