Friday, 4 April 2014

2014 Partner's Prayer request:

2014 Partner's Prayer request:

May the Lord grant us the wisdom and grace we need in a Christ-exalting way! May He be gracious to save all of us so that we may exalt His Name together here in Uganda! It is a privilege to serve Him and His people in this beloved land!

May the Lord continue to move in our circumstances and in our hearts to confirm and bless the works of our hands! May He continue to be our strength in our weakness! May the Lord prepare our hearts and minds to see things not only as they are but as He Himself wants them to be!

Pray that the Lord builds our Team and knits our hearts together, teach us to love one another from the heart! May God's will be clearly seen in all these things that God has laid on our hearts--and may His name be highly exalted in 2014! May He give us a clear vision of the work He would have us do here in Uganda and beyond and the boldness and courage to obey it! Pray that the Lord will cause His Word to prosper in the hearts of those who do not yet know Him in truth!

May our eyes always be focused on Him Who called us and Who is able to equip us to fulfill our calling in all the ways He needs to do it! Pray for great faith for each one of us and a great outpouring of grace for all of us! May Christ be glorified! May the Lord show each one of us clearly what He wants us to do and may we be faithful to obey Him whatever it may cost us! Pray for the Ministry Finances,Anointing and Favor to move on God's Kingdom work. Pray for wisdom and direction in God’s leading and for His Spirit’s unction and empowerment in ministry.

For personal and corporate Revival and Awakening and For God’s blessings on our ministry components, evangelism and discipleship efforts.

For God’s love to be evident and manifest in all that we do.

Dear friends, We thank the Lord for each one of you who is standing openly in finances, materials and to those who partner with us in prayer. May the Lord bless you greatly for your great kindness to us!

Pray that the seeds of the Gospel that we plant daily in the people's heart's may bear much fruit,would remain unto eternal life!

May the Lord bless you greatly for your love toward His name here in Hope Christian Fellowhship International Church-Africa Uganda!

There is much on our plates and on our hearts in 2014. We desire only that the Lord be made much of in our ministries and in our lives! "Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts." (Isa. 26:8, NIV),

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