Monday, 18 September 2017

Our Church, Our Family & Our community

Hope Christian Fellowship International Worship Center is a place where the hurting, the depressed, the frustrated and the confused, can find love, acceptance, help,forgiveness guidance and encouragement.

We are called by Holyspirit to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with hundreds of people in Uganda​, & Beyond Africa.We are  welcoming thousands of members into the fellowship of God's family, children, young people, Adults, loving them. laughing, learning and living in harmony together & staying connected.

We are developing people to spiritual maturity through preaching, Bible training, seminars, Healing prayers from evil related diseases-deliverance from demons, retreats and small groups. We also equip every believer for a significant ministry by helping them discover the Holyspirit gifts,divine calling and talents God has given you.We are sending out missionaries and church workers around the Uganda, Africa (Kenya & Rwanda) and empowering every member with a person life mission.

We do: Orphan care, Medical outreach, Evangelism, Soccer teams, Feeding, Harvest meals, Bible-Clothing donation, Kids Christmas Parties etc,

Our hope: To build Hope Christian Fellowship International Worship center, To Build Hope Christian Academy school to help train more orphan children, To start up a Radio & Tv station to help further Kingdom of God, to start up project to help, train lame people & To build the Medical facility to cater for needs of poor in community!!

WE are touching the poor and reach people for Jesus Christ. Our CALL is from Jesus Christ. (John 20:21, “As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.”) God came near. He entered our world. He touched the sinful, sick, religious, irreligious, outcast, poor, dirty, young, old. No one was beyond his touch. He came as light into darkness. This, too, is our call. We are to do what He did. We are to reflect His light into the darkness around. We cannot stay in our own little world. We must leave our comfortable homes and go to the sick, needy, dirty and touch them. No one is to be exempt. We are to go to them. Engage them in their world. Love them. It is our responsibility. 

Our PASSION is to serve Jesus Christ by loving and caring for the least of these (Matthew 25:40). The poor, neglected and displaced are dear to the heart of God. Even a casual reading of the scriptures reveal this. Thus we demonstrate our love for God by loving those He loves. We worship Him when we give ourselves to care for the needs of the poor. we are committed to investing in people. 

Our MISSION is to make disciples by helping poor pastors through meeting physical and spiritual needs (Matthew 9:35-38). Our TASK is simple: Make disciples, followers of Jesus. All efforts lead to this. Humanitarian efforts. Evangelism. Everything. The bottom line is to make disciples. 

Our VISION is see the work that God has started in Kampala, Uganda spread throughout Africa. It can be done. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John3:16. Through the years Jesus our Lord and Savior has led us into various ministries of compassion and mercy. We have taken the gospel to prisoners, missions, the sick, the homeless, and to churches. We have presented the gospel in various ways. This has included preaching,teaching, music,one-on-one friendships, food distribution, and leadership training. Years ago the Lord planted a desire in our hearts for overseas ministry.

Our desire has increased and we see God's call clearly now to serve Him in Africa as missionaries to the urban and village poor. Jesus has given us a love for Fellow Ugandans and Africans and a zeal to see souls saved and served in Africa. We believe the Lord has called us to serve in the country of Uganda and other African nations.

The need for ministry to the peoples of these countries is urgent. Matthew 25 and Isaiah 58 compel us. Our vision to reach the Africans is through ministry to street children, to the AIDS afflicted, to prisoners and to orphans. We are preaching the gospel as well as caring for their physical needs. We are training national church leaders and planting churches. We are also developing care facilities for the poor.

We encourage the message of Revival, awakening, repentance,forgiveness, deliverance, healing sick and lame people leave the canes to walk freely, salvation and supernatural move of God is felt by the power of the Holy Spirit presence and fullness! Miracles and wonders are always shown of impartation and people’s gifts and talents are stirred up wherever God sends us! We are winning the souls whatever the cost as well as Advancing the Kingdom of God in Uganda and beyond! Teaching, causing revival, impartation of the Spirit and Awakening and restoring Hope to the hopeless, faith and Love of Jesus helps them to conquer the world.

Pastor Samuel Waswa
Many Blessings