Thursday, 22 May 2014

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Dear friends,

On behalf of Hope Christian Fellowship International Church Africa, I, Samuel Waswa Senior Pastor welcome you to this site:
Hope Christian Fellowship International Church Africa-South Kampala is a dream comes true. God's grace and mercy coupled with the faith of believers, this fruit-the Lord's Temple has been realized.To the Father, Son and Holy Spirit we owe all the praise, glory and honor.

Lots of personal sacrifices from me and my family, our church members and friends of the Ministry from around the world had to be made .As a result, the faithfulness of His people by the instruction and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we have seen the hand of God move, and now the present day church.

This journey started from an acquired village house yard in south Uganda where we put up makeshift papyrus and tents structures, to one abandoned house in a nearby city suburb with no windows or doors. There is nothing too hard for God to do. We are seeking the Lord for $5.2millions to build the church cathedral.

For He has moved us from a time when we did have no chairs, no money at all, no nothing but just faith. And because of the professed love of Jesus Christ that the saints possessed and still do, great things have happened.
We who started with just one convert in a makeshift papyrus church, now worship and praise God in a Temporally Tent structure!, all debt free.

This is what God will do to those that do hunger and thirst for Him, He will always fill them; Matthew 5:6. Along the years God has been so good, many mighty servants of God have blessed our land. Life changing and devil crashing miracles have taken place. The church on the whole is experiencing an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. New and fresh anointing is flowing our way. 

Words are not enough to express in possible terms how much God has and is still doing, but it sure is good.
As a church, yet too, as individuals, we owe all this to God. We are so very grateful.Thanks to our partners, families and friends who have been a force to reckon with. Enjoy, be abundantly blessed and keep visiting this site, for it is ideally yours. 

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