Monday, 14 April 2014

Our Current Needs!

Vision for 2014

As we praise the Lord for 2013, we also move forward with our vision for 2014. We do believe that God has already blessed 2014 it has so much in store for God's people in Africa, its time to really trust and believe and know prosperity is in our favor!!

We are seeking the Lord for “Cruise of oils” Finances, as a faith ministry, we depend on God upon His People for Provision as He wills.

Please keep us in Prayers that we keep RUNNING forward with the Gospel across Africa. Please share on our next year Vision needs or would you love to be part of the Work of Holy Spirit in Africa? We have a thirst for souls, hunger to continue to sacrifice for the Gospel's sake.

Please make today the day to give a one-time or on-going donation to one of our many existing projects,We Seek God for the following Ministry Needs:
1.New Projection System (The Jesus Film in the villages deep in the bush) $500
2.Crusade strong Flash lights-$600.
3.School Fees: $85 per child per term.
4.Food: $112 per month
5.Medical Supplies: $60 per year
6.School supplies: $170 per month
7.Gospel Crusade Fund $3000
8.New Gospel Crusade stage-$10,000.
9.Ministry Truck/Lorry to carry instruments $12000
10.Church/Chapel Building Fund $60,000+
12.Pastors and Leaders Conferences $1250
13.Crusade Music System $20,000.
14 Orphanage Food Fund $350.
19. Build an Orphanage Home $25000
20.Bicycles for needy Pastors ($150)
21.Pastor Family monthly support $100
22.Transportation Passenger Van $7500
23.Bibles for Distribution ($4)
24.Crusade stage ($10,000)
25.Motorcycle for Needy Pastors $1280
26.Simple audio speakers for street evangelists ($25)
The needs are urgent and great for us to march forward/further the Gospel to every corner of Africa!
We seek God for a new projection system to curb hiring costs!   We will continue to walk side by side with the people to encourage them, and together we will reach Uganda and other African nations for Jesus!
For more info, inquiries and comments? Or you would love to be part of the ministry team that will soon come to Uganda? Perhaps considering donating towards ministry work?
Please Contact us and will be glad to get back to you soonest! Thanks for your time and support!

Shalom Pastor Samuel Waswa

Blessings and Love to you all site guests,readers and supporters in Uganda and across the globe. :-)

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