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We have been busy, and the Lord has done so much with the ministry in Uganda! We would like to share our vision for 2014 and share some amazing accomplishments from 2013. 

Our  Church of Hope Christian Fellowship International Church Africa that was planted early last year continues to grow leaps and bounds with an organized, youth, women’s ministry, a vibrant children’s ministry of over 100 children and organized choir and praise teams. 

 Many people were baptized and lives were changed.  Men and women have given up their visits to the witch doctors and have thrown away their pots for brewing alcohol to walking out a life of peace and joy with Jesus Christ.

Your support and partnership has helped us to Reach out to the poor (Mathew 25:40& Isaiah 58), share the Word of God where evil has abounded and develop leadership in the church, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ ( Mathew 28:19-20). 
 We appreciate everyone who has helped and will help us in the future. There is so much more that the Lord wants to do through you alongside us for His Glory! Thank you!
Looking back to 2013, the Lord blessed Uganda in a variety of ministries.
  • 4 Mission Trips in Uganda.
  • Pastor’s Leadership Conferences in Katwe, Makerere, Iganga, Nsambya and Kansanga.
  • Many viewings of The Jesus Film.
  • More than 400 children participated in Children’s Outreaches.
  •  2 Mountain Changer -bicycles given to pastors / church leaders.
  • 2,000 copies of small New Testament bibles given out.
  • 40 patients visited in hospital outreaches.
  • 5 people reached out with fresh clothing’s!
  • 250 people baptized.
  • 80 whole Bibles given.
  • Bought church instruments- local drums, 2 speakers, 1 keyboard, 1 gasoline generator,7 microphones, cable wires and many more.+ Costs of maintenance.
  • Church structure building- 80 iron sheets,timber,nails,painting-6 tins of gross paint, decoration-6 curtains, concreting and cementing- 1 trip of stone red sand, 10 bags of cement.
  • Generator fuel- over 90+ litres petrol for church services, mission crusades and other events!
  • One house for a widow constructed.
  • 1 church planted + 35 house fellowships in Rwanda and Uganda- Lira district.
  • Over 5000 people reached out with the gospel of Jesus Christ in many ways possible!
  • Etc

I’ve  checked with the accountability, diaries note books, years achievements and came out with the  totals for this year’s ministry in Uganda, Our goal was to provide direct services (something in hand and Jesus in heart) to 3,000 people. Last year our goal was 2,000 people but we reached 2,616 people. So far 2013 is almost gone- here goes- J
We distributed:
  • 20 T-shirts with the Hope Christian Fellowship International church  logo on them
  • 40 Mosquito nets
  • 20 Machetes
  • 10 Farming hoes
  • 14 pounds of bean seed for farming
  • 17 blankets
  • 20 Water jugs
  • 30 pounds of sugar
  • 33 pounds of rice
  • 2 pair of flip flops
  • 251 toothbrushes
  • 3 pounds of hard candy
  • 12 pair of glasses
  • 1000 small toys + Balloons.
  • 70 (appox) items of clothing items
  • 20 de-worming pills to village children!
Total number of those who accepted Christ Jesus for the first time: 700
Total number of those who received medical care: 20
total number of people who received some kind of direct service:  3000 in many mission events and trips!
On behalf of the entire family of Hope Christian Fellowship International Church Africa, I say thank you in the name of Jesus. We have touched hearts, pointed lives to Jesus, changed lives, helped families, we met with Dignitaries, gave hope to the hopeless, we  served in  various churches, orphanages and ministries services, laughed a lot, cried some, and loved with God’s kind of love. We worked hard under difficult and sometimes challenging situations. And we all did it with His joy in our hearts. This could not have been done without YOUR PRAYERS & FINANCIAL SUPPORT from kind hearts! And a special thanks to our beloved Price family in PA who stood in the gap to run alongside the lord’s ministry throughout us for His Glory! It’s good to be used of the Lord.
And from my heart felt I say That Thank you “Mwebale” In Uganda we say + May God bless you all for it,

Vision for 2014
As we praise the Lord for 2013, we also move forward with our vision for 2014.
We do believe that  God has already blessed 2014 it has so much in store for God's people, its time to really trust and believe and know prosperity is in our favor!!
We are seeking the Lord for “cruise of oils” Finances, as a faith ministry, we depend on God upon His People for Provision as He wills.
We Seek God for the a Ministry van to extend the ministry in remote areas without menus in Transportation, as He provides we will continually giving out Bicycles to pastors, stay focused on the greatest commission and helping those in Need in Uganda and other African Nations!
Planting more churches, building the church base, orphanages, clinics and schools to care for needy! Focus on gospel crusades will be going on more. 

For more info, inquiries and comments? Or you would love to be part of the ministry team that will soon come to Uganda? Perhaps considering donating towards ministry work?
Visit our website: or at our blog:  or follow our daily reports on Facebook and twitter. More contacts and addresses are on the above sites! 
Thank you!
We will continue our weekly children’s ministry in local schools and monthly showing The Jesus Film in the villages deep in the bush. 

We seek God for a new projection system to curb hiring costs!   We will continue to walk side by side with the people to encourage them, and together we will reach Uganda and other African nations for Jesus!
Pastor Samuel Waswa
Love to you all and Blessings in Jesus Christ! ALL AFRICA SHALL BE SAVED

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