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Plans for a Trip to Uganda


After all your  tickets and passports arrangement and clearances, i guess you will fly from your area, to JFK International Airport in New York. Your next flight crosses the Atlantic Ocean to Paris, France, before continuing across the Mediterranean Sea, and the Sahara Desert to Nairobi, Kenya. A connecting flight takes you to Entebbe International Airport, located on Lake Victoria.
From Entebbe, you will take with us a 3-hour special Super custom ride to Lweza Conference Centre and spend a night there.

Meet an orphaned generation, recovering from crises and hungry for the Gospel, as you serve the Lord in the central, south east and western parts of Pearl of Africa Uganda.
Our projects will be Gospel Outreach missions to communities through sports like soccer competitions, music and preaching on crusades in various areas you will know, outreach to street kid & Orphans + Vulnerable people in the community with small gifts sharing in Love of Jesus, Village Outreach and Building Projects I.e. humanitarian aid, food, clothes, word of God sharing with communities the Love of Jesus Christ!
Future plans will be constructing a School to homeless kids, an Orphanage base, Church and a clinic.
It will be a joy to spend time sharing Christ through music, puppets, drama and testimonies to these different tribes of Uganda.
Embrace this unique culture as you get to meet one of the various tribal groups, the Buganda, Basoga, Banyankole among others, who grow up to seven feet and more.
On Conclusion of our projects, we will take a safari at the Kabarega National Park along the Nile River near the Murchison Falls or queen Elizabeth national Game Park.
Here you will experience the African wild and be able to see the “Big Five” (leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, Cape buffalo and lion) that dominate the African jungles.
Do not miss shopping for souvenirs such as carvings, handcrafted drums, jewelry and African clothing.


a). From Entebbe, I will meet you with my team and you will take with us a 3-hour special super custom ride to Lweza Conference Centre where you will be staying a night there.

The costs are in Uganda shillings and each section I have translated for you the most important sections for you in U.S dollars.

1. Section A- Meals, all items listed below totaled to UGx 51700= $20.68

2. Section B-Accommodation (breakfast and beds)

a) Double occupancy self contained rooms (with toilets and every thing) totaled to Ugx75000 =$ 30 each room.

b) Single occupancy self contained rooms (with toilets and everything) totaled to Ugx5500=$22 each room.

 Entry / Exit Requirements to and from Uganda:  

Estimated Costs
the airfare cost has increased considerably due to the high energy costs.
The plane fare from there to Entebbe is currently approximately ranging from $1149- $2,000. + Ministry events support which will depend on you!


You must have a valid US passport which will not expire until at least 6 months after you return from the trip.
The visa for entering Uganda will need to be purchased at the Entebbe airport for $50.00. US $50
 A passport MUST be valid for three months beyond the date of entry, visa and evidence of yellow fever vaccination are required.
Visas are available at Entebbe Airport or may be obtained from the Embassy of the Republic of Uganda.
 Airline companies may also require travelers have a visa before boarding. Travelers should obtain the latest information and details from the Embassy of the Republic of Uganda: for more thorough information
The Uganda Shilling (means of exchange)

The currency used in Uganda is the Uganda Shilling. The exchange rate from the US dollar in the past year has Varied from 1700- now to 2569 = $1.00 US.

IT IS A MUST that you bring new or new looking US $100.00 bills dated 2000 or later. Uganda will not accept any bills dated 1999 or before and usually refuse to exchange any marked or torn bills.

The best plan is to let your bank know you need new bills before you arrive at the bank to purchase them. Lower denominations and traveler’s checks will be exchanged at much higher rates. We do not recommend using traveler’s checks as they are rarely accepted outside of the capital city of Kampala.

A $50.00 bill only gets 50% of the $100.00 bill exchange value. Likewise,
There are few ATMs outside of the international banks in Kampala .There is a small foreign exchange bureau (Forex) as you exit the airport building where you can Exchange currency. You will not be able to obtain Ugandan shillings before arriving in the country, so its best to get a small amount at the airport to pay for special taxi hiring until you can get to a Forex in Kampala. Where the rates will probably be better.


1. Items collected for the ministry such as clothing, books, hand tools, school supplies, host gifts and monetary Donations. These will be distributed according to acceptable ministry guidelines. They will be accepted by the Community with gratitude to you and our Lord God.

2. Pack all your personal belongings in one checked in piece of baggage and that which you choose to carry on.
3. You check in a second piece of baggage with items that we need to deliver to Uganda.
4. That suitcase will then be filled for the return trip with your souvenirs and items which you will need to get back into the US.


1. Safe and secure pack for your travel papers, passport and money.
2. A daypack or fanny pack to carry all personal items for the day.
3. Keep electrical appliances to a minimum; pack an international power converter that will allow you to charge batteries with a 220-volt European plug.
4. Hat and sunglasses
5. Enough undergarments for your trip (some host families may do some laundry for you if you ask, however they will not wash your lingerie).
6. Sandals/shoes, gym shoes, nicer sandals/shoes for church days. The walking will be uneven.
7. Women’s clothing: Comfortable wrinkle free skirts and dresses that hang below the knee. Nice dress for Sunday church. Pants are not proper for our public appearances. Capri pants and jeans are ok for travel days or working. No shorts, camisoles, spaghetti string or tube tops. Shirts must be modest.
8. Men’s clothing: wrinkle free pants and shirts. T-shirts and collar shirts only. Shorts can be worn for travel days or working.
9. A roll of toilet paper (or partial roll) should be carried in your backpack.
10. Fleece jog suit and socks for sleeping in Ben’s village; it gets cold in the mountains.
11. Plastic bags to store your shoes in; they can become full of red mud. Several plastic grocery bags are very handy, and take little space. Extra quart and gallon zip-lock bags are handy.
12. Alarm clock
13. Wash cloths and 3 or 4 small towels, 2 or 3 small bath towels.
14. Small mirror
15 Flip flops or shower shoes for bathing and/or wearing indoors at host’s home.
16. Flashlight and extra batteries
17. Notebook or journal
18. Bible. The Crane Centre will keep Bibles in our missions for your use.
19. Leisure time reading material.
20. Camera (the children love looking at your digital pictures)
 Quick Guide to Luganda Language

(This language is generally spoken in Kampala-Native language in Uganda )

Useful words and phrases:
Praise the Lord: Mukama Yebazibwe
Jesus loves you so much: Yesu Abagala nnyo
How is everyone? Muli-mutya?
We are fine : Gye-tuli
My name is… Elinya lyange
I am called… Bampita…
I come from America : Nva -Mu America
What are you called? Oyi-ti bwa Ani?
I was a sinner but Jesus saved me : Na yonona , Yesu Na –Ndoko-kola
Now I walk with Jesus: Ntambula Na Yesu
I greet you in Jesus’ name : Mbalamusi za mu Yesu
I am happy to come here in uganda : Ndi musanyufu Oja Mu uganda
May the Lord bless you. :Mukama A bawe omukisa
Thank you (very much) :Webale (nnyo)
Let us pray : Tusabe
Let’s go: Tugende
Smile! : Seka
Hello, how are you? : Olyotya?
I am fine. Bulungi
Good morning : Amakya
Good afternoon : Osibye otya
You are welcome (to house of God) : Tukwaniriza mu Nyumba ya katonda
Goodbye (okay) kale
Goodbye, Sir Kale, Sebbo
Goodbye, Lady Kale, nyabbo
Goodbye to several men ,Kale, Basebbo
Goodbye to several ladies Kale, Banyabbo
I am tired : Nko-ye
A drink :Ekyokunywa
Vechicle: Emotoka
Where’s Samuel? Samuel Aliwa?
Where are you? Oli-wa?
Jesus: Yesu
Father :Tata
God : Katonda
Jesus (King) Yesu –Mukama
Grandfather : Jjaja
Grandmother : Jjaja
Uncle : Kojja
Beautiful : Mulungi
It is good : kirunji
Respected elder :Mzee (Wa-kitibwa)
Though it is in the Luganda language, you will hear this song often when
Giving thanks to God:
it’s translated that: glory, Glory hallelujah, Glory, glory to the lamb, what a blood He shed for us, I thank the savior.

Tukutendereza, Yesu,
Yesu Olimwana Gwandi-ga
Omusai Gwaigu Na-zi-za
Nebaza, Omolokozi.


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