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Run Alongside Mission Project Uganda

Run Alongside Mission project, is an ongoing mission, operated through and motivated by the Word of God and the faith of those within the mission, exists for the orphaned children of Uganda, Africa, who, by no fault or short coming of their own, have been left homeless, hungry, forgotten, suffering, and forsaken by disease and famine. By the stewardship of God's faithful and by His abiding presence and love, we will strive to bring relief we can in the form of clinic facility and Praise God, we built an orphanage house for the most helpless and needy. May the grace and peace of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit be with us and the children of Uganda. God's work, our hands, feet and the work being done to help the children in Uganda through the fire of the Holy Spirit.
Why Uganda? The people of Uganda are experiencing a desperate humanitarian crisis. Our nation has been devastated by years of genocide, AIDS, war, and poverty. Whole families are and have been wiped out, leaving no one to care for the children. Indeed, Uganda has become a nation of children. The median age is just 15 years old, the lowest of any country in the world. With no social services in place, the children are left to fend for themselves.
We are seeking the Lord for monthly needs of our 27 orphans in Uganda! All of our children also are taught about the love of God and introduced to a saving knowledge of Jesus. Sponsorship provides the children with all of their basic needs: All of our children also are taught about the love of God and introduced to a saving knowledge of Jesus. Our initial goals are to meet the children's basic needs and to educate them, both academically and spiritually. Our ultimate goal, however, is to equip them to become the next generation of leaders. We hope that through love and nurture, the once destitute orphans will go on to radically change and serve their nation. Why You? Because a helpless child needs your help. Will you help? We currently have 27 orphans at our orphanage in Uganda.

1. To advance the great commission that Christ Jesus commanded us in (Matthew 28:19-20) reaching our generation and leaving them a legacy to pass on to the next generation.

2. To teach them the purpose, of the anointing, revival and fullness of the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 61)

3. To announce the great love of GOD for the world. (John 3:16)

4. To show them the only way Jesus (John 14:6)

5. Our duty and priority is to win souls through evangelism, proclaiming the good news of GOD great love (John 3:16), Rising a generation of worshipers of GOD according to Matthew 4:10, making disciples training and sending them out to do the same with others (Matthew 28:19-20) understanding the purpose of the power of the Spirit to preach good tidings to the poor, to bring hope and good news to the afflicted, To heal His anointing the broken hearten, to proclaim liberty to the captives, to set the prisoners free.... (Isaiah 61) and Isaiah 58 keeps compelling us to focus All Africa Shall be saved!

6. Through the years Jesus our Lord and Savior has led us into various ministries of compassion and mercy. We have taken the gospel to prisoners, missions, the sick, the homeless, and to churches. We have presented the gospel in various ways. This has included church planting, children’s ministry, preaching, teaching, music, one-on-one friendships, food distribution, and leadership training, radio sermon ministry, bible distribution, Jesus film evangelism, school ministry, AIDs afflicted, street children, orphan care, etc, we are preaching the gospel as well as caring for their physical needs.


As a faith non profit, the ministry is dependent on God upon the continued faithfulness and stewardship of His people for provision of the support, each of us must depend on the lord for provision of funds for ministry projects and outreaches. The mission is Operated through and motivated by the Word of God and the faith of those within the mission, exists for those who have been left homeless, hungry,least,last.lost, forgotten, suffering and forsaken by disease and famine in Africa. By the stewardship of God's faithful and by His abiding presence and love, we seek and trust God + believe that through His Provision through His people in Prayers, Material and Financial support. May the grace and peace of God, the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit be with us and the unreached people of Africa.


As the church, we make known the needs of the Lords ministry; we must do seek and trust Him for supply. The ministry supports and assists and its responsible for raising finances for those in need and its branch ministries. The church is supported by God through prayers, financial gifts of friends, families, churches, locally and internationally. While Hope Christian fellowship international church Africa can not guarantee salaries, allowances, every effort is made to maintain adequate living and outreach expenses for the mission.


All gifts donated to the ministry shall be recorded and receipted; finances are controlled by the directors of ministry and legal control for easy book keep and record! All donations are used in the ministry as the Lord leads and gives wisdom. Specific financial gifts are payable with specific note of what it for. Accountabilities are issued for received funds and projects approved done.


1. The member of our ministry/branches shall undergo an annual audit by and accounting Person in accordance with general acceptable auditing and accounting standards.

2. Audited financial statements shall be availed upon request.

3. All outreaches and projects of the ministry shall be consistent with their stated purposes and objectives.

4. Donated money shall be used the lord leads in the ministry.

5. The ministry shall carry out the work of the Lord with the highest standards of integrity and avoid conflicts of interest.

6. The ministry is responsible to support those in need.

7. All financial gifts are receipted for tax purposes by the directors. Legal control of funds remains with the ministry representative/Directors of ministry.


1. The directors are ultimately responsible for the financial needs of the ministry. It involves leaders mobilizing the team to work together, pray, seek the lord for overflow provision into ministry.

2. All gifts should be directed through protocol mentioned directors for easy accountability.

3. Saving for uncertainties, like disasters, will be considered for emergencies under the missions contingency treasury.

4. All needs of the ministry are to be shared as prayer requests and newsletters, funds needed for general monthly or yearly budgets of ministry as well as projects like equipment, ministry vans, building, etc should be presented as prayer requests as well in ministry updates!

5. Monthly or weekly ongoing ministry reports should be shared with the public.

6. Missions, outreaches should be sensitive to the lords leading.

7. All funds, whether income or principal, and whether acquired by gift or contribution or otherwise, shall be devoted to said purposes.

8. All proceeds from garage sale to fundraise for ministry go directly to support its work. I.e. for items sold.

9. Every gift given goes to the Lord’s work. Our church takes our responsibility as stewards of the funds that God provides very seriously. Each month, we meet to essentially drain our bank account and send every penny we can--into the mission fields, outreaches for gospel of Jesus Christ, as fast as possible, ensuring the “crop is planted” in preparation for God’s great harvest. Some would say we need to “plan for a rainy day” or for a month where funds are short—however we believe that God will meet the need, if, there truly is a need. If the store house (bank account) is full, why would God need to provide more? Truly, the Lord has built the faith of both our church members as well as our supporters to run alongside the ministry, as we together experience God do, what He promises He will do!

Hope Christian Fellowship International Church Africa
Mail Address; Pastor Samuel Waswa P.O. Box 75834 Clock Tower Kampala, Uganda East Africa

Tel: +256 -787- 478 -212 (Time is 7 Hours Ahead of Central Standard Time)

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