Friday, 19 September 2014

Ministry supporters Newsletter

Dear friends and family,

Kirabo and I would like to express our sincere thanks to all of you who supported us do His works in God’s ministries in Uganda and Beyond. Without your prayers and financial support His ministry would not have happened. Thank you for letting Christ uses you to enable us to go always and minister in Uganda. It is always wonderful to be able to work together, serving God on the mission field. God is teaching us both a lot through the things we are experiencing during His full time ministry here.
God is using us to draw His people closer to Himself and to reveal Himself more to them. Uganda and our people have a very special place in our hearts.  Throughout the time we have spent in ministry, we have met with many amazing people. They have inspired us to give God our all and to daily strive to know Him better. God is moving in the hearts of the people of Uganda. He is rising up leaders, passionate and prayerful people, to spring up a revival for Christ. Their faith and commitment to Him is transforming entire communities. We have the unique opportunity to work beside these people as they minister to the weak and spiritually lost in their own villages.

We think of it as a privilege to be a part of the team that God is using to impact lives as we love, feed, teach and serve the people in the name of Jesus! The team will include doctors, dentists, nurses, teachers, children’s workers and other volunteers. We will have the opportunity to serve the community through our Open air Gospel outreaches, medical and Kids outreach. We are looking forward to the possibility of supporters to run alongside the ministries. Above all we look forward to glorifying God and sharing His saving love to the spiritually lost.
 It is always such a blessing to reunite with our church family here and see how the Lord has been / is working in their lives throughout the year.
We are sure that this ending year’s ministry has brought new and different challenges than in past years.  But we also know that through everything God will use each situation for a reason and will glorify Himself in our lives.  We look forward to the plans that God has for us this before it ends and as we with eager welcomes soon an upcoming year of Divine connections and positioning for Advancing His kingdom J <3
 What You Need To Know:
 We are Hope Christian Fellowship International Church-Africa, we are non-profit ministry registered of Ugandan Government as a church, our registration Number is WCBO/658/12, As a faith mission, Hope Christian Fellowship International Church Africa Family is dependent upon the Lord and His people for prayer and financial support.
Hope Christian Fellowship Africa Uganda Ministries is a Ugandan-founded, multinational evangelistic organization aimed at bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to over 1 BILLION people across Africa and beyond. We are based In Uganda. We believe that ALL AFRICA SHALL BE SAVED.

Through the years Jesus our Lord and Savior has led us into various ministries of compassion and mercy. We have taken the gospel to prisoners, missions, heal the sick, the homeless, and to churches. We have presented the gospel in various ways. This has included church planting, children’s ministry, preaching, teaching, music, one-on-one friendships, food distribution, and leadership training.

The Lord planted a desire in our hearts for overseas ministry. Our desire has increased and we see God's call clearly now to serve Him Africa wide to the urban poor. Jesus has given us a love for Africans and zeal to see souls saved and served here in Africa. We believe the Lord anointed us + called us to serve in the country of Uganda and other African nations. The need for ministry to the peoples of these countries is urgent. Matthew 25 and Isaiah 58 compel us.

Our vision to reach the Africans is through ministry to street children, to the AIDS afflicted, to prisoners and to orphans. We are preaching the gospel as well as caring for their physical needs. We are training national church leaders and planting churches. We are also developing care ministries for the poor.

We are a Gospel Ministry Reaching Uganda and beyond other African Countries with the Good News of Salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ restoring Hope to the hopeless people in Africa thus making Africa a Jesus like world. We encourage the message of Revival, awakenness, repentance, forgiveness, deliverance, healing sick and lame people leave the canes to walk freely, salvation and supernatural move of God is felt by the power of the Holy Spirit presence and fullness! Miracles and wonders are always shown of impartation and people’s gifts and talents are stirred up wherever God sends us! We are winning the souls whatever the cost as well as Advancing the Kingdom of God in Uganda and beyond.

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