Thursday, 1 August 2013

We are looking for your help to financially/prayerfully support us!

100% of EVERY Dollar Goes Out!

Hope Christian Fellowship International church Africa ensures that 100% of every dollar given—goes directly to the needs of greatest commission (Mathew 28:28:19-20) and greatest command (Mathew 25:40)!
After years in ministry in various Christian organizations, I was shocked by the amount of money actually making it to the mission fields and crusades. In my experience, millions of dollars are collected each year, but only about 10% is actually used outside the walls of the church!

Funds collected by these organizations are used to support good things: buildings, outreaches and necessary expenses but little is used for God things: in the actual growth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and for caring for orphans and widows.
The word that the Lord gave me that “Seed in the hand does nothing—it must be planted, in order to field a harvest!” Our church takes our responsibility as stewards of the funds that God provides very seriously. Each month, we meet to essentially drain our bank account and send every penny we can--into the mission fields, outreaches for gospel of Jesus Christ, as fast as possible, ensuring the “crop is planted” in preparation for God’s great harvest. Some would say we need to “plan for a rainy day” or for a month where funds are short—however we believe that God will meet the need, if, there truly is a need.

If the store house (bank account) is full, why would God need to provide more? Truly, the Lord has built the faith of both our church members as well as our supporters to run alongside the ministry, as we together experience God do, what He promises He will do!

…and here’s some great news, YOU can “Choose to Make a Difference”, starting today! Our only limitation is the amount in the bank account each month for us to send, reach out, pointing more souls for Jesus in Uganda and other African Nations. Jesus told his disciples “The harvest is great, but the workers are few”. Allow us to plant the “seed” (funds)/ Cruise of oils (Finances and material support that God has entrusted to you and it will immediately be planted into very fertile ground — you have my commitment! 

Pastor Samuel Waswa

Love & Blessings.

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